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If you love to chat with your friends using Yahoo Messenger, you can simply download Yahoo Messenger and start chatting. But what if you have got two Yahoo Messenger user names and want to talk with your friends from two different user names at the same time? By default, Yahoo Messenger does not allow users to open more than one Yahoo Messenger windows at the same time, but we can do that by applying a simple tweak. This simple Yahoo Messenger tweak will help you in opening multiple Yahoo messenger windows at the same time and start using both of them.

Do note that this tweak will change the registry editor and hence I advise you to take proper backup before making any changes. This registry tweak will change the value of the number of Yahoo Messenger windows that be launched simultaneously.

Multiple Yahoo Messenger Tweak

Download the registry key, unzip it and then double click on it. If any confirmation window appears, click Apply to save the changes. This tweak works up to Yahoo Messenger 8.1 version.

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Photoshop as we all know it, is one of the best photo editing software there is. Infact it actually costs quite a bit too. GIMP is an opensource alternative to Photoshop that is used widely by users who just need a photo editor to do basic photo manipulation.

What if you have to use a computer that does not have one of these photo editors installed ? Your best bet is to use an online photo editor and the best one we have seen so far is Aviary.

Aviary is a free online photo editor and manipulator that can run directly from your browser. No software to download or install. Just do a quick sign up and be on your way.

Aviary is actually a suite of applications, Pheonix being the photo editor. There are also color, vector, effects and audio editors along with an image markup application.

The Pheonix photo editor is quite easy to use, if you have a basic idea of image editors and know about layers. If not, there is nothing to worry about, Aviary has many video tutorials that can run you through the basics. Phoenix can handle complex effects that are usually produced only by high end photo editing software.

Photos can be imported from sharing networks like FlickR, Facebook and Picasa. There is a community that shares the creations made using Aviary.

If you are looking at adding quick one click effects to your photos try FlauntR.

Aviary Online Photo Editor

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IMG4Me is an online service to convert your text into image instantly. This way you can Protect your e-mail and other private information online against spammers and web crawlers.

IMG4Me - free text to image service

It has options to chose the text color, background color, font type, text size and the image format (png, jpg, gif) to generate the image. It provides a direct link, HTML code and BB code to share your image over the web. Supports multiple languages.

Link – http://www.img4me.com/

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How to Make a Favicon


The term Favicon stands for “Favorites Icon”. When you open a web site in a web browser, you will be able to see a small image on the address bar before the web site address, that particular image is called a Favicon.

For most users, Favicons are useful in identifing a particular site in a group of flooded bookmarks. And in the view of a web site or blog owner, a favicon has the potential to let your website stand out in a bookmark list.

This post is going to show you how to quickly create a favicon for your blog or website.

Creating a Favicon

Creating a favicon is not a huge task. It is nothing but a normal image with an “.ico” extension, but you need to do a little more than just change the extension of any image.  There are two ways to create a Favicon for your website.

Using Favicon.cc

favicon ccThe first way is to use a website like favicon cc. Favicon.cc lets you either upload an image or create it from scratch. This free web service provides you with all the required options to get your favicon right. Once you are done with all the customization, click on the button labeled as “Download Favicon”. That’s it.

Editing Your Own Image

The other option is to edit your own image.  Start with opening the image (that you want to set as your favicon) in your favorite image editor. Make sure that the image you start with is a square in dimensions. If it isn’t, you can crop that particular image to make it a square.  Now, adjust its pixel size to a lower value, something around 16×16 pixels. And if possible, save the image with “.ico” as the extension. If it does not allow you to do so, then save it in “.png” format.


That’s all there is to it.  Making your own favicon is an easy process, and it should be done in order to give your website that extra personal touch that will hopefully make your website stand out.

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It seems like not only does Facebook not notify us whenever we get unfriended, they actually actively prevent us from finding out. Less than 2 days after its launch, Defriended, the “Facebook unfriend checker”  has already been blocked, forcing its developer to pull it from the App Store.

The reason for that is that Defriended actually violated Facebook’s developer agreement that clearly forbids this kind of usage.

Anyway, here is how to get the app refunded.

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Google Chrome may look minimalistic but it for sure is loaded with lot of cool features. For example, easy to use ‘drag-drop’ feature to create desktop shortcut of currently viewed webpage in Google Chrome browser. This feature enable user to quickly create desktop shortcut link of any webpage opened in Google Chrome. This can done in two ways: from Omnibar or from start button next to Omnibar.

Create shortcut by dragging contents of Omnibar

1. Open any webpage in Chrome, for example: http://www.bing.com
2. Double click omnibar to highlight & select URL.
3. Drag and drop URL to desktop screen. A shortcut for URL will be created.

Create shortcut by dragging Star button

1. Open any webpage in Chrome, for example: http://www.bing.com
2. Drag and drop star button next to Omnibar. A shortcut for URL will be created on the desktop.

Both methods will result in creation of destop shortcut of webpage being viewed in Google Chrome browser. Drag and drop of star button method looks more neat and easy – take your pick!

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Gmail has started displaying these Ninja tips for Email which offers help and suggestion depending on the volume of mail you received yesterday. The link to the tips page can be found at the right hand top-corner of your screen.

The idea is simple. You need to be productive with Gmail. Gmail has a couple of profiles of productivity enhancer shortcuts and quick tips. Chose the category you would rate yourself as and get your tips.

All these different modes have suggestions for effective usage of filters, search queries, sorting and labelling of mail. The White Belt mode gives a basic idea of labels, queries and themes, whereas the Gmail Master mode explains creating filters, setup of Google Apps, managing chats and integration of Gmail with other Google services.

Gmail is the most popular email client and has changed the way we use email. It has continued to provide excellent services from its labs and this new tip feature comes in  handy for those migrating from other mail services.

This new feature will help beginners get an insight into using Gmail in a better way, never to lose that mail and lookup and search through mail much faster. The guide is available as an on site guide as well as a printable guide. Become a Gmail Ninja today.

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