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Firefox only (Win/Mac/Linux): Firefox extension Unsorted Bookmarks Folder Menu adds a new folder to your bookmarks menu so you can get access to starred bookmarks without having to open the organize bookmarks dialog.

Once you’ve installed the extension, just head over to the Bookmarks menu, where you’ll see a new Unsorted Bookmarks folder containing all the pages that you’ve used the star bookmark feature to save quickly. It’s a very tiny extension that definitely won’t appeal to everybody, but if you frequently use the star bookmark feature and are tired of opening up the Organize Bookmarks dialog to find them—a pet peeve of mine, this might be the extension for you.

Unsorted Bookmarks Folder Menu is a free download, works anywhere Firefox does. Astute readers will probably point out that you can also double-click the Star icon in the address bar to easily move the bookmark to another folder while you are bookmarking in the first place.

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Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): Firefox extension ReloadEvery lets you automate the refresh process by allowing you to pick a time interval right from the context menu to reload any web page.

We’ve mentioned ReloadEvery before, but that was back in the day—now, it seems like so many things we would have used ReloadEvery for (such as webmail clients or a Facebook/Twitter-type feed) are now Ajax-powered and stay up-to-date themselves, but this extension can still be pretty handy. Whether you’re trying to find your iPhone with MobileMe (it doesn’t automatically update location until you refresh), waiting for concert tickets to go on sale, or just want to set your favorite blog to refresh every so often to stay on top of things (*wink*), there are still a lot of uses for this in today’s high-tech, auto-updating world.

Got something you’d use this extension for (a Woot-off, perhaps)? Let’s hear it in the comments.

ReloadEvery [Mozilla Add-Ons]

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There are several URL shortening services these days and we come across several short URLs everywhere. The best examples are on Twitter and Facebook. But, did you ever feel that the destination of the URL isn’t safe? I’m sure you did. But, you might have clicked it straightaway or simply avoided it as you didn’t know the URL destination before clicking on it.

There’s an extension for Firefox known as Verify Redirect which allows you to see the link destination before actually clicking on it. You simply need to hover your mouse over it and it will display the link destination.

Install Verify Redirect- Firefox Addon

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Firefox with Windows only: While traveling the internet, sometimes we don’t realize how much memory our browser is hogging until it starts acting sluggish, hangs, or crashes altogether. Firefox extension Memory Fox optimizes your memory so you can surf without slowing down.

Memory Fox keeps an eye on your browser’s memory usage and notices when Firefox starts edging toward user-preset resource limits. When it does, the extension springs into action, automatically flushing your memory to recover space and keep your browser from slowing down.

To use the add-on, you need two things: A Windows operating system and Firefox 3. Once you download the tool, restart your browser then activate Memory Fox from the Tools button in the toolbar. Now the add-on is all set up to flush the memory every time you open or close a tab, or switch between tabs.

Memory Fox may not make a noticeable difference in your browsing speed if you’ve got a souped up computer, but it’s a terrific add-on for machines without a lot of extra RAM to sacrifice to the ‘fox. It’s an experimental extension, Windows only. If you give it a try on your memory-hungry Firefox installation, let’s hear how it works out for you in the comments.

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Windows/Mac/Linux: Firefox just bumped their latest release to version 3.5.6, bringing with it a page full of squashed bugs and security and stability fixes. You should be able to update through Firefox’s default Check for Updates dialog (or just wait to be prompted), but if you’re feeling antsy just head straight to the download page.

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Multifox adds a simple function to Firefox. When you want to log into a service with more than one user name simultaneously you right click on the bookmark for that service or open the File menu and select “Open in New Identity Profile”.

Certainly a savvy Firefox user could jump in and say “But Firefox already supports multiple profiles!”, and it does. Multifox is much easier than managing multiple profiles natively in Firefox because it does so without messing around in the Profile Manager and without having to manually create a new profile for each new additional service. If you need to, on the fly, test out five instances of a service Multifox will help you create five distinct profiles in five clicks.

Each profile is assigned a number—the screenshot above shows us logged into a secondary Gmail account—and is opened in a new window. If Firefox crashes, all the extra profiles generated by Multifox will be restored when you restore the original instance of Firefox.

Multifox is free and works wherever Firefox does. Have your own tip or trick of managing multiple logins? Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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