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It seems like Orange Israel wanted to pull something special for their iPhone launch. For this purpose they had Ogmento, an augmented reality focused developer, prepare an iPhone app.

The concept, that you might have seen before, consists of making stuff appear whenever the app recons a certain pattern. In this case, you’ll need to point your iPhone at the Orange logo which will have it display an iPhone.

You can then interact with it via the touchscreen. Check it out:

Absolutely, what’s better than an iPhone? An iPhone in an iPhone.

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December 25th

If you're turning 27 and were born in the Northeast, maybe you were conceived in the blizzard of 1982. Imagine: snowed in, candles, massage oil, your mom sporting nothing but her early 80's haircut and a smile ... aren't you glad you read the title-text?
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Forget Counter-Strike because playing traditional FPS just officially went out of fashion. Gunman, the first of its kind augmented reality FPS game, just hit the App Store.

The idea is simple, you set it up by indicating what’s your opponent’s t-shirt color (for example) and be ready to fight. The shooting mode will activate and whenever you press fire with the selected color in the middle of your target, you make a hit.

It doesn’t stop there, you can play with up to 4 other players on Wi-Fi which will really make it fun. Your adversary will have its phone vibrate once you shoot him and you need to shake your iPhone to reload. I would recommend trying to get some unusual colors like red because white makes it too messy.

Another fun bit about this game is its Pro-Mode. The developers website features a Hit-list full of known personalities, the idea is for you to hunt them down, shoot them (from your iPhone, of course) and the app will let you tweet it directly. They are also working on integrating the FourSquare location service in it to increase the fun.

They are already preparing new game modes and more weapons which should really make it last.

Gunman is a lot of fun and even works on the 3G so make sure to check it out.

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For tons of people, the hardest part of the day is getting up in the morning. This causes a natural and passionate hatred to alarm clocks. Personally, I really can’t stand these things because they rip me out of the most awesome, adventurous dreams and frankly, I am in a much better mood when I wake naturally.

In the old days most alarm clocks were hideous. They featured two massive bells on top of the unit that were capable of waking up the whole neighborhood. I still remember the unit my grandparents used because I would repeatedly wake up when granddad got ready for work at 4am.

Despite the negatives of alarm clocks, you can’t have a mockingly awesome day if you don’t get out of bed. So check out these clocks to see if you can leave your snooze button habit behind you!

1.Flying Alarm Clock. Evil genius at work here. The propeller-thingy goes flying and the alarm won’t stop until you find the propeller-thingy and put it back on the clock.

2.Puzzle Alarm Clock – That’s right, put the puzzle together and the darned thing will quit buzzing at you.

3.Bombs Away! Plug in the wires correctly or the sound of a bomb blowing up will wake you. And the neighbors.

4.Donate. For those financially motivated folks, this wi-fi enabled clock takes money out of your bank account and transfers it to random charities every time you hit the snooze button. Crikey.

5.Shag-a-licious – Yup, you have to stand up on the carpet to get this one to be quiet.

So, rise and shine to another beautiful day.

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Paper Toys are an inexpensive way of keeping children both happy and busy. We brought some really good Do-At-Home paper toys in the past – the Canon Creative Park is quite a resource and the printable, paper pin hole cameras are real cameras you can make at home and take photos!


Toy-A-Day is another site where you will find a huge collection of simple toys that can be printed and built at home. All you need to do is download the PDF file for each toy, print it on a sturdy paper such as cardboard, cut into shape, fold along the dotted lines and glue to keep it in shape. Some of my favorite toys are:

Superman/Clark Kent

superman_6 superman_7



Mr Natural


Mr. Incredible


Batman and Robin


There is even a blank template that you can use to paint your own characters on.

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Which is easier to understand? is a new fun website that lets you determine which other things are more complex than Google Wave. Made along the same vein as Wikipedia Vs Predator (and Explosion Vs Boobs), Which is easier to understand? is another of those voting sites that will give you a good 15 minutes of fun.




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