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Photoshop as we all know it, is one of the best photo editing software there is. Infact it actually costs quite a bit too. GIMP is an opensource alternative to Photoshop that is used widely by users who just need a photo editor to do basic photo manipulation.

What if you have to use a computer that does not have one of these photo editors installed ? Your best bet is to use an online photo editor and the best one we have seen so far is Aviary.

Aviary is a free online photo editor and manipulator that can run directly from your browser. No software to download or install. Just do a quick sign up and be on your way.

Aviary is actually a suite of applications, Pheonix being the photo editor. There are also color, vector, effects and audio editors along with an image markup application.

The Pheonix photo editor is quite easy to use, if you have a basic idea of image editors and know about layers. If not, there is nothing to worry about, Aviary has many video tutorials that can run you through the basics. Phoenix can handle complex effects that are usually produced only by high end photo editing software.

Photos can be imported from sharing networks like FlickR, Facebook and Picasa. There is a community that shares the creations made using Aviary.

If you are looking at adding quick one click effects to your photos try FlauntR.

Aviary Online Photo Editor

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IMG4Me is an online service to convert your text into image instantly. This way you can Protect your e-mail and other private information online against spammers and web crawlers.

IMG4Me - free text to image service

It has options to chose the text color, background color, font type, text size and the image format (png, jpg, gif) to generate the image. It provides a direct link, HTML code and BB code to share your image over the web. Supports multiple languages.

Link – http://www.img4me.com/

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How to Make a Favicon


The term Favicon stands for “Favorites Icon”. When you open a web site in a web browser, you will be able to see a small image on the address bar before the web site address, that particular image is called a Favicon.

For most users, Favicons are useful in identifing a particular site in a group of flooded bookmarks. And in the view of a web site or blog owner, a favicon has the potential to let your website stand out in a bookmark list.

This post is going to show you how to quickly create a favicon for your blog or website.

Creating a Favicon

Creating a favicon is not a huge task. It is nothing but a normal image with an “.ico” extension, but you need to do a little more than just change the extension of any image.  There are two ways to create a Favicon for your website.

Using Favicon.cc

favicon ccThe first way is to use a website like favicon cc. Favicon.cc lets you either upload an image or create it from scratch. This free web service provides you with all the required options to get your favicon right. Once you are done with all the customization, click on the button labeled as “Download Favicon”. That’s it.

Editing Your Own Image

The other option is to edit your own image.  Start with opening the image (that you want to set as your favicon) in your favorite image editor. Make sure that the image you start with is a square in dimensions. If it isn’t, you can crop that particular image to make it a square.  Now, adjust its pixel size to a lower value, something around 16×16 pixels. And if possible, save the image with “.ico” as the extension. If it does not allow you to do so, then save it in “.png” format.


That’s all there is to it.  Making your own favicon is an easy process, and it should be done in order to give your website that extra personal touch that will hopefully make your website stand out.

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There are number of ways to convert a colorful photo into a black & white image (like free tintii filter). To add more jazz and style to final image you can experiment by converting image into black and white visual but retaining few specific colors in different areas of the image. Doing this will take lot of time and efforts in Photoshop but “Photo Black & Color” program makes this a simple procedure.

Turn photos into Black & White except few colors

1. Download Photo Black & Color program [930KB].
2. Install and launch the program for use.
3. Goto File > Open(or press Ctrl + O) to open any image.
4. Click on parts of image with colors that you want to retain in final image (those colors will be shown in window at bottom left).


5. Then goto Actions > Execute to see photo turned into black and white image but retaining selected colors in the final image. Simple, quick and impressive results, what say?

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Story Something (beta) is a website which doesn’t deny our young ones that ‘adrenalin rush’.

The tagline for this children’s website reads – for the hero in all of us. So first, Story Something is an online destination for personalized and customized children’s stories.

create a story for kids

Second, it takes mental numbness out of the equation when your child asks you to tell a tale. You don’t have to scratch your head and jog your grey cells to remember a nice well timed story. Story Something has a whole kingdom full of ideas to create a story for kids.

Well, nothing’s new so far. Hold on before you turn the page.

Third (and more importantly), Story Something lets you personalize the stories in its story bank by changing the names of the characters to your near and dear ones. Enter your child’s (or children) name and the names get substituted for the one that’s in the story.

a story with your kids

Similarly, you can put anyone you want in place of the other principal characters.

create a story for kids

So the child who is listening to the story becomes the central character (the hero or the heroine) and the entire adventure plays out with him in the lead.

The stories come in two styles –

Some are the normal types where you substitute the names and the story flows from the beginning to the end.

The second type is where the child (or you, the storyteller) can choose between two outcomes. These are longer and more interactive. The choice between the two paths directs the story to further adventures with more choices in the next pages.

create a story online

Selecting the stories which you want to occupy your kid with is so easy with the stories arranged around the male or female characters, themes from adventure to sports and finally by age groups (2 years to 10 years).

You can read aloud the stories from the screen (though that does something to the image of pillow reading before sleeping) or better, take a printout and read it from there. Right now in the beta phase, the site promises to email stories only once a week.

Personalizing the stories is simple fun. The storytelling is better for it. It doesn’t take a psychology PhD to understand that a child can learn and absorb better with familiar names and characters. The harried parent also doesn’t have to come up with a new story each day.

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So, you just bought your teenager a new iPod or iPhone and really don’t want to tie your credit card to their iTunes account?   Or are you that teenager who got one as a gift and Mom and Dad said, “Credit card?  No way!”?   No problem; Apple will allow you to create an iTunes account without a credit card, which you can then fund with iTunes Gift Cards.   The instructions can be found in this Apple Support Knowledgebase article.

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movieclips-topperIf you’ve ever tried to find your favorite movie scenes on YouTube or other video networks, you’ve probably noticed it’s not always the easiest thing to find the direct quotes you’re looking for. Not only are these classic scenes hard to hunt down, but more often than not, when you do finally come across them they’re low quality – with questionable video resolution and rough sounding audio.

While there are plenty of places online to find the full movie downloads, going through the process of getting the whole film and editing the scene you want down into a short clip is a time-consuming process. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place online that already did that for you? Enter MovieClips (a service only available in the US & Canada).

Want an actor? Type it in. How about a line of dialogue? No problem. Genres, actions, moods, characters, themes, settings, props – there’s simply nothing left behind when it comes to finding the exact scene you want from a multitude of angles. What you get as your result is a well-designed grid of thumbnails of each matching clip that can instantly be previewed with a simple mouseover – a great way to quickly find the scene you want.


Not only can you search and view these select movie moments, but you can also save any clip as a favorite, buy related stuff for each movie the clips belong to, grab an embed code to drop any clip onto your own website, or hook into your social network to share around on Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, or email it to a friend.

Another fun element to the clips’ pages are short trivia games associated with each clip – often pulling from a related actor, the movie itself, or some other related metadata that accompanies it.


The only drawback of the site thus far is that all of the clips are from only 6 movie studios – 20th Century Fox, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal and Warner Bros – but these six represent the largest studios in Hollywood. With 12,000 clips and the promise of thousands more, it seems that MovieClips is cementing itself as the premiere place online to find those hard-to-find movie moments – that is unless their upcoming competitor, AnyClip, has anything to say about it.

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